Current work/where I’m heading 

Continuing with the Unit 5 V&A brief, my current practise involes sampling and garment making preparing for a photoshoot. 

As you look back on my previous blog posts, I was inspired by Turkish ceramics which lead to me developing my work further and looking into Turkish culture etc. 

My final outcome for this project is to create a minimal garment to be used in a projectional photoshoot.   To which my photoshop designs will be projected to show a different way of an outcome.   In the photoshoot I have decided (if model is used) to cover the models eyes or face, due to my fashion illustrations and wanting to carry on the theme of all the focus on the designs and the garment.   Not so much the model. 

With these photos I then plan to make a lookbook or mock up a magazine editorial, to make my work more business based as of the universities I am applying for.   To then hopefully be used in my portfolio for interviews in the future. 

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