Projection Photoshoot: Before (Research) 

After previously having tutorials with Jo and Danielle the idea of taking my work into a less design based practise is the route I decided to take. 

Projection photoshoot research:

My idea with the projection photography is to show my work using a different media.   I have never used this technique before so it is all very new to me.   After talking with Shaun we decided I would be better in the photography suite on Tuesday, therefore giving me time to complete my garment with Danielle or Gwyneth.   The aim is not to focus on the garment construction, just to focus on my photoshop designs made with scanning in the Ebru marbling I did.   Next week I need to get in touch with Brian to see how all the projection photography works, and know what I need to take with me to the shoot etc. 

Photos of others:



Some of these photoshoots have been created the same way I intend to do it, with projection photography.   However some have been created using shadow photography, which seems to be quite popular in the fashion world, shadowing designs onto models etc. It is a minimal way of working which interests me.   Unlike all of these photos however my work will not be monochromatic due to the Turkish culture, colour is very important to them and my brief. 

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