UCAS Applications: Choices

In previous years UCAS applications have not been a real problem for me, due to not needing a personal statement etc to apply for the FAD course.

However recently I have needed to, as I want to apply for University.   Attending the UCAS fair a couple of weeks before Christmas should have helped my decision and guided me to where I want to go… But just let me more confused, to which I did my own research of the Universities.

After having a visiting lecturer, who was an artist and currently lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University I had the chance to talk to him and ask about their current courses.   He led me to the direction of two courses that sounded up my street, International fashion promotion and Women’s wear with a business element too.   Fashion and business both interest me, and is where I want to further my career in the fashion industry.

In the end I applied for 4 different courses, 2 at Manchester Metroploitan University, Salford and Huddersfield.

1. Manchester Metropolitan University: Hollings Faculty: Department of Apparel: Fashion Design and Technology – Womenswear BA(Hons0

2. Manchester Metropolitan University: Hollings Faculty: Department of Apparel: International Fashion Promotion BA(Hons)

3. Salford University: Fashion Design BA(Hons)

4. Huddersfield University: Fashion Design with Marketing & Production BA(Hons)

My 4 choices, all undergraduate – 3 years full time and starting in September 2016.



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