Fashion Illustrations: inspired by recent photoshoot

I did my second photoshoot last week, using my inspiration taken from Celine, as previously talked about in recent blog posts when discussing my plans for development.

My photoshoot adapted a colour theme of earthy tones and neutrals to keep the shoot classic and minimalistic.   Since this, to develop my work further I am creating almost abstract fashion illustrations using the head of my model from my photoshoot and the same fabrics I used to also show fabric samples also.

Unusually fashion illustrations are drawn out images, mostly made to look lifelike however after speaking to Danielle I decided to take a different route.

I am also using these illustrations as a piece for my portfolio, to build and show more unique work.   These are not yet finalised and are only photos to test different pattern combinations to see what works best with the best aesthetic.

The grey fabric however looks a little black, and I decided not to use black fabric as it may look harsh towards the other softer colours.   I tried to recreate some of the looks during my photoshoot, keeping with the straight lines and blocky shapes.




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