Jacquemus SS16


My current inspiration for unit 5 with his dreamlike catwalk show, draping models in cloths and tying them in fabrics – like my unit 5 shoot about turkish culture.   Jacquemus also inspired my unit 6 brief, continuing to work on from unit 5 and developing even more.   Unit 6 became a development stage that was the total opposite, to show how I could work with a certain colour palette (like Jacquemus) and keep the photo shoot to a minimal.

Often miss matching fabrics as I in unit 6, keeping my colour palette on trend – everything worked well together and became aesthetically pleasing.

Jacquemus is an up and coming French design house owned by Simon Porte Jacquemus.   For his SS16 collection he reached into his subconscious by leading white horses down his runway (a child in white cloth pushing a huge red fabric ball) in his dreamlike fashion theatre.   After watching his show was when I became inspired, everything seemed to work well together, people loved it and seemed like a similar root for my work to go down.

“If you do something in Paris, you have all the attention of the world” – Simon Porte Jacquemus.   And he was right, his attention catching and eye mesmerising performance on the catwalk certainly did this.

His “dreamlike” essence of his show inspired the colour theme of my unit 5 shoot.


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