Jacquemus SS16


My current inspiration for unit 5 with his dreamlike catwalk show, draping models in cloths and tying them in fabrics – like my unit 5 shoot about turkish culture.   Jacquemus also inspired my unit 6 brief, continuing to work on from unit 5 and developing even more.   Unit 6 became a development stage that was the total opposite, to show how I could work with a certain colour palette (like Jacquemus) and keep the photo shoot to a minimal.

Often miss matching fabrics as I in unit 6, keeping my colour palette on trend – everything worked well together and became aesthetically pleasing.

Jacquemus is an up and coming French design house owned by Simon Porte Jacquemus.   For his SS16 collection he reached into his subconscious by leading white horses down his runway (a child in white cloth pushing a huge red fabric ball) in his dreamlike fashion theatre.   After watching his show was when I became inspired, everything seemed to work well together, people loved it and seemed like a similar root for my work to go down.

“If you do something in Paris, you have all the attention of the world” – Simon Porte Jacquemus.   And he was right, his attention catching and eye mesmerising performance on the catwalk certainly did this.

His “dreamlike” essence of his show inspired the colour theme of my unit 5 shoot.


UCAS Update

After applying for universities earlier in the year, I have currently received offers from all of my 4 chosen…

  • Manchester Metropolitan University for Womenswear and technology – conditional offer
  • Manchester Metropolitan University for International Fashion Promotion – conditional offer
  • Salford University – interview date given – late March
  • Huddersfield University – interview date given – late February

Evaluation: Unit 5/6

The Victoria & Albert brief during unit 5 made me really excited about the direction of the course and where my work could go.   Developing new ideas and concepts chosen from a piece from the V&A museum in London to inspire my work.   Also developing new skills gained from previous units and past briefs.

My work became inspired by the Turkish tiles and ceramics in the museum, as I had visited it a few times and they always seemed to catch my eye.   This lead me to try a few techniques such as first mark making to take into screen printing, similar to the repeat patterns of the tiles.   However this alone seemed like it wasn’t enough? So I decided to incorporate free stitch to make me pieces stand out for a further development and exploring new ideas and concepts.

Although due to the courses I had recently applied for at multiple universities (Fashion marketing/designing etc) I decided to take a different route with my work.   After having tutorials with my pathway tutors and bouncing around more new and exciting ideas.

The idea of combining my work  with a more advertising/visual merchandising route yet keeping to my fashion roots, so I did.

Looking into the history and culture of the tiles became clear this is where I would find what I wanted to base my work around.   Finding new techniques to create similar patterns as the Turks in early eras but developing them to a modern 21st century way.   Ebru art was my niche, and looked very interesting and new to me.   The crazy dreamlike colours, shapes and movements of the art was what I loved.   I created my own Ebru pieces (marbling) and quickly scanned them into photoshoot soon to be turned into a fashion photoshoot.

After being inspired by up and coming french design house Jacquemes and their SS16 collection, a catwalk full of “the dreamlike state of mind” and eye catching uniqueness, was the inspiration for my shoot.   His models draped in cloths and fabrics tied at the waist, my model also draped in fabric to keep the main focus on the projection shoot and my Ebru designs and not the “garment” itself.

The idea of the projection seemed like a unique way to explore this culture and have the idea of slowly bringing it into the 21st century.   My model in the shoot was wearing technology and the trend of wearable technology today such as the apple watch, fitness gear etc made it an opportunity not to pass on.   Almost everybody in this century owns a mobile phone therefore wearing some sort of technology whether it be bluetooth, wifi, social media etc.   Its also a great way to promote my work, with new promoting techniques such as hashtags for social media.   I feel inspired to do this for FMP after seeing CSM graduate Emma Hedlund’s graduate collection.

Overall my work led me to try new development ideas and broaden my skills with photography and camera use and also photo editing, I plan to incorporate more photography into my work during FMP also.   I am now a lot more confident when using photoshop after teaching myself the skills after a tutorial.   During this project brief my work took a turn, drastic but it worked out well.   Focusing more towards the ideas and concepts of where my work has based from instead of the final outcome.   However still having in mind all is equally important.

Jacquemes also inspired my unit 6 work to further explore and develop along with Celine.   In unit 5 I explored dreamlike ideas with a crazy colour schemes, but I decided to do the complete opposite with unit 6.   Keeping my colour scheme minimal with classic features.   I chose neutral hues for this, keeping with recent trends of the past AW15 with mustards and soft grey’s.   Combining different textured fabrics to act as layers during my shoot.   Also keeping my shoot as minimal as possible with a simple crisp white background so again the main focus would be on my “garments”.   Developing work from unit 5 to 6 creating the complete opposite as I wanted to see how I would develop – adapt my skills and new found techniques.

Similar to unit 5 my unit 6 outcome was also a photoshoot, plans for branding and advertising.   My photos then became the final piece.   When mounting all of my current work to be added to my portfolio for university interviews I was happy with everything.   My recent work from FAD definitely made my portfolio stronger and made me more confident.   Continuing to create new work to take to future interview dates.

Fashion Illustrations: inspired by recent photoshoot

I did my second photoshoot last week, using my inspiration taken from Celine, as previously talked about in recent blog posts when discussing my plans for development.

My photoshoot adapted a colour theme of earthy tones and neutrals to keep the shoot classic and minimalistic.   Since this, to develop my work further I am creating almost abstract fashion illustrations using the head of my model from my photoshoot and the same fabrics I used to also show fabric samples also.

Unusually fashion illustrations are drawn out images, mostly made to look lifelike however after speaking to Danielle I decided to take a different route.

I am also using these illustrations as a piece for my portfolio, to build and show more unique work.   These are not yet finalised and are only photos to test different pattern combinations to see what works best with the best aesthetic.

The grey fabric however looks a little black, and I decided not to use black fabric as it may look harsh towards the other softer colours.   I tried to recreate some of the looks during my photoshoot, keeping with the straight lines and blocky shapes.




Celine inspired photoshoot

On Tuesday I decided to do my Celine inspired photoshoot using Amber as my model again, keeping to a theme.   During the shoot I styled Amber, asking her to change into different colour combinations after a few shots were taken.   However even though most photographs turned out professionally, due to the setting of the camera and studio lights being slightly wrong some shots came out a bit blurry and defocused.   As with the other photoshoot I have had a tutorial with Jo and selected our favourites from the bunch, which was really helpful due to me currently building my portfolio and mounting images.

Here are a selection of the best photographs, edited using Adobe Photoshop…


Further editing still needs to be done perhaps.   However the details and sharpness of the images are to my linking.   Photograph number 3 is my favourite due to the style of the composition, the boxy shape of the grey fabric compliments Amber’s features such as; hair, arms and the angle of her face.   It just works well and is aesthetically pleasing.

The use of using three complimenting colours, a mix of fabrics and different textures makes the photo a lot more interesting.


Branding/Marketing: Pinterest Ideas

Looking into marketing and branding, I created a few Pinterest boards to develop ideas and inspire me more.

My Pinterest Boards 


Looking at Acne’s recent campaign, the layout is very simplistic and works well for their brand.   Also keeping a colour scheme has an aesthetic tone.   Everything on this ad is visible; it contains their logo, their magazine, 10 of their products on sale for men – targeting the females, also showing their gift cards available in store and online.

I tried to recreate this concept with my current work, just for a test shoot…I intend to recreate this in the studio more professionally.

Laying my fabric pieces flat onto a white background, again keeping to the minimalistic feel.   I decided to do a test shoot for this before I go into the studio, however they didn’t turn out exactly as I had intended therefore in the studio with the lights will be better.   I first need to talk to shaun or Brian about how the studio lights work, and grasp the concept of them before using them.


Fashion designer Emma Hedlund again kept her branding/marketing simple for her Central Saint Martins graduate collection. This included a Lookbook, invites, business cards and most modern to date, hashtags.   Hashtags is a new and modern way to get your brand out there into the world and on every social media platform there is.

More from Emma Hedlund…

Her website

More images I found of her collection that inspire me…

604-d772c01-originalScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.28.56


2D into 3D shoot: Branding

During unit 5 I looked into the V & A museum this lead me to research their branding and marketing techniques.   However after just completing unit 5 and transitioning into unit 6 I now have to opportunity to start branding my collections.   My idea is to create 3 different collections all with different concepts and aesthetics.   Taking inspiration from my first and original photoshoot inspired by Turkish Culture, looking at the theme of colour and pattern I intend to Brand this work, creating a mock up of a magazine editorial etc, and give a meaning behind the name.   For my second collection I intend to create something completely different and opposite the 1st shoot, looking into shapes and movements making 2D pieces of fabric into 3D outcomes.   As in my previous blog post taking inspiration from Celine with their documentary/minimalistic style photoshoot.   For my 3rd collection I will do the opposite from the 2nd, looking into all things pattern and miss matching colours.


Layers // Wearable Fashion

Recently since looking into CELINE and their previous collections, that inspired my new photoshoot mostly looking at the aesthetic of shapes, lines and movements I thought about what items could make this shoot into wearable fashion, for a day to day lifestyle.

Created using Polyvore

My shoot consisted of styling however the garments were not real just pinned in place etc. So I decided to style a “layers, simple lines and shapes” collection using Polyvore and mostly designer garments that I don’t have the access to.

Whilst styling these collections I also looked into trends…


LAYERS// The camel colour was a big theme in 2015 and I guarantee in 2016 it will be the same.   Most people wear this colour on a regular basis as it works well with most skin tones, it is a staple colour and a natural colour.   Natural colours were also a big trend of 2015 such as khaki, camel, nudes and creams with celebrities often showing us how to style it…

The Kardashians are big promoters of the ‘Natural Trend’ along with the Grey hues…just to show a few examples.


My photoshoot took a colour theme according to my Turkish culture and ‘Ebru’ photoshoot I created for unit 5.   Using bright colours such as; lilacs, pinks, yellows and blues to name but a few.   Sometimes keeping these colours as a ‘pop’ of colour along with neutrals too.


LAYERS//SIMPLE LINES//SHAPES As taking inspiration from CELINE, a documentary style photoshoot…

Photo 13-01-2016, 21 54 08

Being in black and white, every little detail matters.   Therefore using a mixture of fabrics such as; Jersey, linen, cotton and sheer’s really makes a big difference.

Looking at different fabrics.   Mesh.