Confess all on video: Thoughts

In yesterday’s lecture we were able to watch our Confessions video, that we took part in in the media roundabout.   Confess all on video.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.39.09

My thoughts…

The video was not random, it had meaning and created meaning.   By altering the juxtaposition with the change of hands over the eyes it created a sense of mystery and a tense atmosphere due to the lighting.   The juxtaposition was changed by using different skin tones, tattooed hands and nails etc.   This is what signifies a person on this video, their confession and the juxtaposition.   This is due to a diverse range of cultures.

The idea of covering the eyes came from having a student discussion, from a student before the roundabout began.

The pace of the video was very interesting combining contrasting clips.   For example editing it so a funny clip was put next to a deep dark secret, which worked really well.

It contained…

Craft… The use of good, expensive and professional equipment

Concept… To give a confession

Commitment… It works, and it works really well (Click on the link to watch)

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