Roundabouts: Fine Art & Contextual Research

During this Fine Art roundabout with Richard as our tutor, the aim was to create a collection of collages.   Manipulating images from magazines, paintings and original work.   Altering these images to create a college containing juxtaposition, and a discord of harmony.   I was inspired by the images I saw in the magazines, creating random collages that make sense.

My Collages…

collage 1…


I wanted to keep this collage simple yet interesting in a minimalistic way.   Sticking to an earthy colour scheme and neutrals.   Faces were also my main focus, the eyes catching your attention all over the page, watching you.   Almost disruptive.   Altering the images more I engraved/scratched into them, again creating more interest.

collage 2…


Using different medias including photography and magazine clippings to create collage 2.   Very random and hectic, I really didn’t give this collage much thought as I wanted to see how it would turn out.   The contrasting bright blue behind the monochrome image creates an almost 3D looking effect, making it almost stand out.

Collage 3…


Again keeping to my minimalistic theme, I decided to keep things simple.   Almost creating the look of a room.


Overall after completing this roundabout I will definitely keep using this technique in the future, combining it with my chosen pathway being fashion & textiles.   This is also a good technique to create mood boards in, when given a brief creating a mood board is the best way to see all your new ideas in one big place.

Contextual Research:

(artist) Gerhard Richter…


German artist Richter, exposed to both American and British pop art in the early 60’s.   These movements definitely inspired most of his early pieces/collections.   His work being fine art based, however containing collage in the form of photography and paint.   Creating new meanings when painting over photography and also juxtaposition.

Self Portrait Standing, Three Times

Self Portrait Standing, Three Times

Here is one of his pieces created in 1991.   Again although Richter is a fine art artist, he tends to   collage using the media of pain and brush strokes over photography, as shown in the image above.   The contrasting bold red paint with a monochrome background is very eye-catching.   The eye immediately catching the attention of the bright red foreground, and not necessarily what is in the background.   “Self portrait standing, three times” is the name of this piece of work, is the insinuating the red paint could be blood, making you think twice and ask questions for example; why? and what has happened here?

for more of his work, his website is a great source (click here)

(artist) Robert Rauschenberg…


American artist Rauschenberg is an artist to many an art form, including…

  • Painter
  • Sculpter
  • Printmaker
  • Photographer
  • Performance artist

Is there anything this man can’t do?

Robert isn’t one for joining movements and letting them inspire his work.   He mostly enjoys working in his own individuality.

His work first caught my eye when I saw the piece below…

Almanac 1962 Robert Rauschenberg

Almanac 1962 Robert Rauschenberg

Almanac, a collage piece again similar to Richter, containing different medias such a paint etc.   However what I enjoy about this piece is the colour scheme being simple and minimalistic similar to my collages above, his use of only 2-3 colours intrigues me.   Also it looks as if he has used mark making within this collage, mark making over the images and photographs he has taken.   Adding more texture and interest.   The blank section is also interesting, showing an almost peaceful part of the collage with all the hectic and random mark making etc around it.

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