Corporation Park

As a start off point for everyone on the course, Jamie and the other tutors decided to take us up to Corporation park in Blackburn for a little field trip to inspire us for the course.   We were given a task to draw what was around us, whatever it may be.   Also working in groups it made the task into a collaboration, all of us sketching the landscape however it all being very varied and different.

Looking at the textures/patterns in the park, this lead me to think of many proposal ideas for future projects etc.

  • Photography
  • Garment Construction
  • Textiles – Homeware products

The natural colours could also inspire a project, earthy neutral tones.

I also tried to take some tree rubbings, however my outcomes didn’t come out as well as I would have hoped they would.   This would be helpful to determine more textures from the park.

Textures could then be linked to….to create a fashion piece

  • What’s on the market?
  • Fashion Week
  • Link things together – similarities & differences

Natural inspiration…

  • Natural Colours
  • Garment/Textile construction – Natural Fibres – ECO
  • Natural shapes
  • Combine nature & construction – add leaves etc
  • Natural photoshoot



Working in groups to create a landscape, that we can take small sections from and work with in the future…


Looking at textures…



From this day we created drawings, that could inspire us for future projects…




The textured wallpaper that the drawing is on adds more depth and definition.




Taking the image above, looking at the textures, I can use this in the future maybe combining it with weave or garment making.


Because of using the rough side of the wallpaper this resulted in a different outcome, making all the textures stand out more.

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