Recycled Garments

One of the first tasks was to participate in a recycling day to create multiple garments from recycled/scrap materials attained from SAM’S.   Working in a group we created 3 dresses.

Dress 1: 

We worked well as a team, and alone all sharing ideas and collaborating together to create an unwearable garment for our final outcomes.

here is dress 1…




We decided to go with a cage theme, incorporating black and yellow fabric to create that.   We kept the main section of the dress simple just using plain linen and incorporating pieces around it.

Dress 2: 

We needed to combine and share new more new ideas and techniques yet keeping some of the old ones at the forefront.   We also worked with the same materials but added new each time, to create a similar yet different outcome.

Here is dress 2…



Using wire to attach more yellow fabric to the current garment (dress 1).   Making almost a wire cage and letting the yellow fabric hang from the garment.   However we had a few struggles with the wire, for example; it was not very easy to cut or bend.   The solution would have been to use thinner wire next time to see if that works any better, and also to maybe solder the wire pieces together as they were quite hard to attach.   Then we decided shoulder pads would make the dress stand out more, and be different – to go along with the recycling brief.   Being bold and wacky, unwearable of course.

We were working towards a cage theme, easy to make and looked effective, also very on trend. Making the top section at the back and front of the dress caged.

Dior created a gown from Jennifer Lawrence that reminded me of our work, also very on trend…


Jennifer Lawrence in the stunning Dior Couture Gown at the        Golden Globe Awards 2014

By using scrap/recycled materials it means we didn’t need to be precious about the pieces that we create.   On reflection this day was productive due to using variations of different materials/objects I have never worked with before.   Also finding new and interesting techniques that I can take with me and use in the future.

Problem solving we then used thinner wire to create a more sculptural piece as it was easy to bend and work with, still hanging the yellow fabric from it.   However this wire was slightly too weak therefore the ticker wire was needed for this task after all.

Dress 3:

Using our original pieces we added a braided/weaved cape to create a more visually interesting piece and adding new techniques.

New techniques to me: Braiding/weaving on a larger scale.






Overall this day taught me many new things.   If I was to do this up-cycling challenge again I would definitely research what fabrics are best suited to create a stable garment, and which wire would be the best to use.   Also the lack of time we had didn’t help our situation, and having to create 3/4 garments in one day, as working in a fast paced environment.   However working on just one outcome wouldn’t lead to a collection or an as big a body of work.

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