Celine inspired photoshoot

On Tuesday I decided to do my Celine inspired photoshoot using Amber as my model again, keeping to a theme.   During the shoot I styled Amber, asking her to change into different colour combinations after a few shots were taken.   However even though most photographs turned out professionally, due to the setting of the camera and studio lights being slightly wrong some shots came out a bit blurry and defocused.   As with the other photoshoot I have had a tutorial with Jo and selected our favourites from the bunch, which was really helpful due to me currently building my portfolio and mounting images.

Here are a selection of the best photographs, edited using Adobe Photoshop…


Further editing still needs to be done perhaps.   However the details and sharpness of the images are to my linking.   Photograph number 3 is my favourite due to the style of the composition, the boxy shape of the grey fabric compliments Amber’s features such as; hair, arms and the angle of her face.   It just works well and is aesthetically pleasing.

The use of using three complimenting colours, a mix of fabrics and different textures makes the photo a lot more interesting.


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