Branding/Marketing: Pinterest Ideas

Looking into marketing and branding, I created a few Pinterest boards to develop ideas and inspire me more.

My Pinterest Boards 


Looking at Acne’s recent campaign, the layout is very simplistic and works well for their brand.   Also keeping a colour scheme has an aesthetic tone.   Everything on this ad is visible; it contains their logo, their magazine, 10 of their products on sale for men – targeting the females, also showing their gift cards available in store and online.

I tried to recreate this concept with my current work, just for a test shoot…I intend to recreate this in the studio more professionally.

Laying my fabric pieces flat onto a white background, again keeping to the minimalistic feel.   I decided to do a test shoot for this before I go into the studio, however they didn’t turn out exactly as I had intended therefore in the studio with the lights will be better.   I first need to talk to shaun or Brian about how the studio lights work, and grasp the concept of them before using them.


Fashion designer Emma Hedlund again kept her branding/marketing simple for her Central Saint Martins graduate collection. This included a Lookbook, invites, business cards and most modern to date, hashtags.   Hashtags is a new and modern way to get your brand out there into the world and on every social media platform there is.

More from Emma Hedlund…

Her website

More images I found of her collection that inspire me…

604-d772c01-originalScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 11.28.56


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