Layers // Wearable Fashion

Recently since looking into CELINE and their previous collections, that inspired my new photoshoot mostly looking at the aesthetic of shapes, lines and movements I thought about what items could make this shoot into wearable fashion, for a day to day lifestyle.

Created using Polyvore

My shoot consisted of styling however the garments were not real just pinned in place etc. So I decided to style a “layers, simple lines and shapes” collection using Polyvore and mostly designer garments that I don’t have the access to.

Whilst styling these collections I also looked into trends…


LAYERS// The camel colour was a big theme in 2015 and I guarantee in 2016 it will be the same.   Most people wear this colour on a regular basis as it works well with most skin tones, it is a staple colour and a natural colour.   Natural colours were also a big trend of 2015 such as khaki, camel, nudes and creams with celebrities often showing us how to style it…

The Kardashians are big promoters of the ‘Natural Trend’ along with the Grey hues…just to show a few examples.


My photoshoot took a colour theme according to my Turkish culture and ‘Ebru’ photoshoot I created for unit 5.   Using bright colours such as; lilacs, pinks, yellows and blues to name but a few.   Sometimes keeping these colours as a ‘pop’ of colour along with neutrals too.


LAYERS//SIMPLE LINES//SHAPES As taking inspiration from CELINE, a documentary style photoshoot…

Photo 13-01-2016, 21 54 08

Being in black and white, every little detail matters.   Therefore using a mixture of fabrics such as; Jersey, linen, cotton and sheer’s really makes a big difference.

Looking at different fabrics.   Mesh.

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