2D into 3D shoot: Branding

During unit 5 I looked into the V & A museum this lead me to research their branding and marketing techniques.   However after just completing unit 5 and transitioning into unit 6 I now have to opportunity to start branding my collections.   My idea is to create 3 different collections all with different concepts and aesthetics.   Taking inspiration from my first and original photoshoot inspired by Turkish Culture, looking at the theme of colour and pattern I intend to Brand this work, creating a mock up of a magazine editorial etc, and give a meaning behind the name.   For my second collection I intend to create something completely different and opposite the 1st shoot, looking into shapes and movements making 2D pieces of fabric into 3D outcomes.   As in my previous blog post taking inspiration from Celine with their documentary/minimalistic style photoshoot.   For my 3rd collection I will do the opposite from the 2nd, looking into all things pattern and miss matching colours.


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