3D Spot Welding: Roundabouts & Contextual Research

During the first roundabout, which was spot welding with Kim I created an experimental beetle.   Spot welding is an easy technique that can create brilliant and creative outcomes quickly.   However it is quite hard to get the hang of it at first, with all the hazards; Sparks flying etc.   Also depending on what thickness of wire you are using, it can be hard to cut.

I took inspiration for my piece from our multiple visits to the Blackburn Museum recently, from the extensive beetle collection they have there…

This is the beetle I interpreted from…

Beetle inspiration

I drew the beetle first to make it easier for myself to almost trace the wire around.

Here is my spot welded beetle, on a bigger scale…

spot welding 4spot welding 3spot weding 5spot welding 2

12179790_10201002210813520_1263015765_n 12179825_10201002210853521_1273760044_n

I then weaved into the beetle wire sculpture to add more interest and colour to my piece.   However I only weaved in certain areas, so not to distract the eye.

Contextual Research:

(artsist) Tom Hill: 

I took an interest in Tom’s sculptures as they are very similar to the Beetle I have created, however different wire has been used and they are more 3D than my sculpture.


I might still add to my wire sculptural piece, maybe weaving yarns or fabric through the sections that are empty or contain no wire.

more info on Tom Hill (click here)

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