Scratch Film! & Contextual Research

To start off the FAD course the tutors introduced a new project to us all.   Titled Scratch Film!   Not knowing a lot about scratch film I was very intrigued to learn more.   The photos below show how the scratch film was made.   Starting out with an extremely long blank 35mm film, and drawing any random or thought about thing on there.   However only with permanent markers, as that was the only pen that showed up.

Click here for our scratch film


Working on the scratch film with many other peers collaborating to make a piece of art lead me to think where can I take this media? How can I further my now found knowledge of it? Advertising is a pathway I am interested in and also combining fashion/textiles and photography, and now possibly incorporating scratch film.

The process is so easy yet makes a complicated series of events and a memorable piece of work.   Having 3-4 seconds each also made the process a lot easier and even random.   However even creating a whole scratch film on your own wouldn’t be strenuous and could easily be done.

That would also be something I would improve on, having more seconds to create a wider variety of work.   Also only being able to use permanent markers to create the collection of film with – Biro and Pencil didn’t work out quite like I wanted it to, which I found out during my process.

Here are a few examples of the day…


The scratch film process taking place

The scratch film process taking place

IMG_4048 IMG_4049 IMG_4050

Above shows what I created for my scratch film, I went with random and gave it not much thought.   Also stuck to a pastel colour scheme to match my students next to me.

Contextual Research:

(artist) Len Lye:

  • “Colour Flight” – Still experimental film
  • Painted directly onto the film (similarities)
  • 1930’s- often the first thing people saw in colour
  • Bold, bright colours
  • Abstract
  • Random lines, shapes and movements (similarities to our scratch film)
Len Lye

Len Lye “Colour Flight”

Here is one of his films…(click here)

(artist) John Hoyland:

  • 2000-2011
  • mark making paintings- similar to the patterns we created on the scratch film
  • Using mostly primary colours
  • Random Paint movements
John Hoyland

John Hoyland

For more on John Hoyland, visit his website (click here)

(artist) Albert Irvin:

  • 1998-2005
  • Water colour and gouache paintings & prints link to the scratch film ‘look’ -2008 to 2010
  • Same bold colours
  • Still random yet more thought about techniques
  • Similar childlike movements
Albert Irvin's metaphorical landscapes

Albert Irvin’s metaphorical landscapes

For more research visit Albert Irvin’s website (Click Here)

My scratch pinterest Board (click here) to see more artist, inspired by scratch film.

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