Blackburn Museum

On visiting Blackburn Museum a few pieces caught my eye and inspired me further.

Here is my Pinterest board showing my inspiration, and further contextual research.

The brief was to identify a piece of work, so I chose the Beetle Collection…

What is the Beetle Collection?

The Beetle Collection at Blackburn Museum consists of around 3000 beetles.   Organised in an array of different ways giving a detailed picture of the beetle world.   The collection has been growing since 1908 when it launched in this museum, a modern collection of its time and very unique.   Arthur Bowdler was the largest person to give to the museum, but why? He wanted to create a large collection to learn about the animals.   An organised and well thought about collection.

It inspired me with its organisation, and how every object in that collection is the same yet completely different and unique.   I had the idea of creating something, fabric making etc that contained a pattern of IP Addresses, because they have the same qualities.   Like the Beetle Collection they are from all over the world, but are all seen in the same light.

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