Development from unit 5: ideas + Feedback

After having feedback given from my fashion & textiles pathway tutor Danielle, we collaborated to create new and exciting ideas, that should be preparation for my portfolio.

After sending my UCAS applications for University off last week, I am awaiting responses so need to be creating a new portfolio as soon as possible whilst keeping it the best it can be.

Danielle and I had a look through my initial photoshoot pictures where I took over 200+ photos, to which we narrowed it down to the best 10.   From the feedback overall my photoshoot was very successful and will potentially make it in to my portfolio.   This motivated me to do more! Therefore my next steps are to use the photoshoot done, to create three brands and three different collections.   All taking inspiration from my initial shoot.

I am currently working on creating a minimalistic shoot, using inspiration from brands such as Celine and Stella McCartney.   Incorporating colours from my first shoot but keeping the shapes, lines and movements simple.   As Celine mostly work with shape, that is my main focus.   Not creating garments as such, but pinning and working with different fabrics.   Using a Mannequin to test my ideas first and then onto a real life model.

Looking at simple shapes such as; Circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.   How these shapes can work well together in a 2D purpose then putting them into action in a 3D ‘garment’ idea.   Taking photos of the 2D & 3D process to create a lookbook or magazine editorial etc.


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