Projection Photoshoot 

Today was my shoot day.   It started with talking to Brian the technician and learning new techniques and media’s, because previously I hadn’t done a photoshoot off site or in the studio.   I picked up the skills pretty quickly, and I was soon projecting different images I had created in photoshop onto my model.As in the previous post my aim was to construct a garment to be worn by my model during the photoshoot, however with time restrictions I decided to compromise this idea and just drape white fabric on her body, whist creating different poses and facial features.

Overall 200+photos were taken, each individual and unique.   Here are just a few…

Photo’s before editing:


After editing:

Not final edits just ideas for development…


I edited these photos using the Photoshop app just briefly as experimentation to see how different they could look.   The most obvious change is the colours and the higher the saturation of the photographs.   I wanted to increase the saturation due to the photoshoot coming across as a bit dull however it isn’t.   The edited photos definitely portray what the photoshoot was all about; the use of colour, movements and patterns due to the Turkish culture theme I originally started exploring from the V&A museum.

Overall I am pleased with the outcome and standard of work I have produced in the short amount of time I had to do it.   Considering it was my first time using a high quality camera and being in a studio they aren’t bad.



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