Collage Influences: Erin Case

Taking my work into a more digital/visual language pathway, I still wanted to incorporate collage to influence mood boards etc.

Erin Case

An award winning collage artist, however only exhibiting her artwork since 2012.   Also a freelance artist taking commissions and exhibiting at the famous Saatchi Gallery in London.

Her digital collages intrigue me the most.   Using missing faces/bodies layered over a random background that just seems to work.

erin case

Haircut One -with Andrew Tamlyn, 2012. *Winner Best Color Artwork, Cardinal Sins, Fall 2012.

Haircut one inspires me with the use of colour, and mystery.   What does this artwork mean? What does this artwork mean to Erin? To me I think about a girl, somehow lost on her journey, traveling yet doesn’t know where to go next…maybe no where to go next.   A deserted landscape tells us a lot.   However I like her technique and way of creating digital collage.   This will be something I aim to focus on, in the future.   Often when people think college, digital collage does not come to mind.

More Erin Case work that inspires me…

erin case 2

Glaciers, 2012


Ria, 2012.




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