Designer influences: Naeem Khan

After looking into Turkish Culture as a starting point for my research, i decided for secondary research I need a few certain artists and designers to inspire me further and further my development in this brief.

Naeem Khan 

Designer Naeem Khan acknowledges the crowd following his Spring/Summer 2013 collection show at New York Fashion Week

Designer Naeem Khan acknowledges the crowd following his Spring/Summer 2013 collection show at New York Fashion Week September 11, 2012.

An indian/American fashion designer based in New York with “House of Khan”.   Being born and raised in India, Khan has taken much of his inspiration from their culture, architecture, colours, art, history and design.   However has adapted his brand and enthuses his american/western influences.

Launching his first collection in 2003, Khan has been ever so successful.   Featuring in Vogue magazine, and online.

For this V & A brief being influenced by Turkish/Iranian ceramics, Khan’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection really caught my eye.   Taking his influences from around the world.   Khan created this collection to make “classic, beautiful evening dresses that are right for my women around the world, from Los Angeles to the Middle East.”   Incorporating everybody, making a garment that is made to suit all, not many fashion designers these days do that.   Often designing for the “Victoria’s Secret Model” and not the stylish, modern women of the world.

Quoted from vogue…

Khan offered a host of options in a palette dominated by blue, black, and white, from a low-cut, polo-collar cocktail dress decorated with leatherlike matte sequins to a star-covered halter gown topped with a cropped-and-sequined moto jacket. There was an emphasis on dimension and texture, including the heavy embroidery and beading on a sporty sweater, and a white fabric woven with microfilament, also known as fishing line, engineered to shimmer in the light. If Khan’s collection was intended to give his customer something to party in, he succeeded.


His work definitely resembles work I have seen in and out of the V & A, for example…


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