V & A Museum: Marketing, how they do it…

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Marketing at the Victoria & Albert Museum

I decided to look into how the V & A market their brand, museums, shops etc.   I did this to get a real feel for the brand and to link in with my current project brief.   Looking at the V & A for inspiration I’m working with turkish culture from an inspiring ceramic islamic design, however focusing more towards the marketing and branding.   So I thought I’d get a few tips on how the V & A do it.

I found all of the below on their helpful website… V & A

Their process

To start the marketing and branding they must first go through the process of identifying the needs and wants that will satisfy the visitors overall experience.

This helps to maximise the performance of the museum.

To do this involves…

  • Complex Activity
  • Extensive creativity
  • planning
  • organisation
  • problem solving

Not only this builds their brand but also to communicate with their many different audiences…

  • Tourists
  • colleges & schools
  • families
  • adults
  • members
  • creative industries
  • journalists & press

( This teaches me to learn more about my target market, what and who it is? and why? )

Marketing Objectives 

( Think of my objectives )

  • Increase visitor numbers
  • To build and establish the V & A as a brand
  • Increase the public’s awareness of their services and events held
  • To increase revenue through their temporary exhibitions that they hold
  • Attract new and exciting audiences

Marketing Stratagies 

  • To identify campaign objectives
  • Identify most appropriate target audiences for products
  • Ensure the right message is conveyed
  • Determine how to correctly utilise the ‘marketing mix’
  • maximal return on minimal costs effectively


The ‘Marketing Mix’

PRODUCT  (think about my product)

The V & A contain many products, including…

  • permanent collections
  • temporary exhibitions

Products that help generate income…

  • membership schemes
  • gift shops
  • cafes
  • corporate hiring

special events…

  • black history month
  • family activities
  • press events
  • schools/colleges/uni’s



Think about everything linking together.   Where is your brand from? Where are you marketing your brand from?

The V & A is in central London, one of the busiest and most inspiring cities in the world.   Also a worldwide hub of the arts.

Due to being in central London this means the V & A are generating more income from the excellent transport links they have there including; the underground, overground, bus routes, taxies, cycling pathways and walking.   Also the stunning architecture, tourists visit London for the experience and the architecture, the V & A was a stunning architectural project back in 1852 and still is today.



All of the above combined, how can the V & A maximise income and still keep customers and visitors happy.

Keeping free entry to the museum is a big factor.   Meaning more visitors through the doors, there is nothing to stop them buying from the cafes or gift shops whilst inside.

Also keeping the low pricing of certain temporary exhibitions affordable.   Affordable for families, students and tourists.



‘To communicate with target audiences and attract them’

  • Advertising

With the V & A having a limited budget advertising doesn’t include TV or cinema adverts due to their expense.   However does include; newspapers ads, magazines, radio, posters and billboards due to their low costings.

  • Print

Having to promote their brand, printing is essential for this.   Meaning the have to produce; Banners, posters, leaflets.   These prints are often sent to tourist sites, to up their entries.   Also sent to libraries and cafes etc.

  • Direct Mail

Using in house data bases, and to those who are museum members

Sales promo and brand partnerships…

  • discount tickets
  • offering prizes
  • competitions
  • branded giveaways
  • window displays in shops

also including; new media and public relations.

Market Research = questionnare to visitors

The V & A Brand 

What does the V & A do? What does it stand for? What it means to different people?

Giving the brand a much needed refresh in the Autumn of 2002, rebranding their marketing schemes and strategies.   Creating a better brand.

The role of the museum 

A new contemporary museum.   Created a way to engage and inform people throughout the chain in order to improve the international competitiveness of basic British industries such as; tiles/ceramics, textiles, metal and wood working.   Thereby maximising the economic impact of what we now call the creative industries.   This still remains significant today.




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