V & A brief: Update & Current Plans

Recently after having a tutorial with Jo and Danielle Ive really discovered where I want this project to go, and where it can lead me to.

Wanting to do Fashion Marketing at university, I didn’t quite know where to take my work.   However now I am full with new and exciting ideas.

I plan to take my work into a more digital pathway, incorporating Visual Communication with the help of Jo, yet keeping to my Fashion & Textile roots with Danielle.

I plan to still do a Fashion collection, however it will be slightly different, in which I will incorporate…

  • Photoshoots
  • Magazine like articles
  • Marketing stratagies
  • Branding
  • Incorporating a theme
  • Look Books
  • Mood Boards
  • Advertising
  • Promotion

I plan to create a plain fashion collection, with a simple shape pattern however really letting my work come alive in the photoshoots by projecting my digital work onto the models & Garments.

Mood Boards are also a big aspect.   They help to portray a theme (My theme: Turkey/Turkish Culture)  and convey the Visual Communication, in the real world to potential buyers etc.

Up against my photoshoots and garments, creating Look Books and Mood Boards etc, I need to set out my work like it is a real marketing scheme, for example adding Magazine ‘like’ articles.



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