V & A Brief: Inspired by Turkey

With the new brief we had to be inspired to create work based on a piece of art that caught our eye at the V & A.   On a recent trip to London I decided to visit the Victoria & Albert Museum, to make my research and inspiration stronger.

Primary Research:



I saw this Tile in the Museum, a repeat pattern tile with Turkish origin.   It’s pattern is different every 4 tiles, making the tile as a whole continuously repeat.   With Iznik design.   This tile was created around 1580, usually tiles with this design are associated with the Shrine of Eyup, which stands just outside the walls of Istanbul.   Can be repeated endlessly, often like a textile design.

turkey 6This photo shows the Shrine of Eyup, the tiles being used.

Secondary Research: 

From here I decided to look further into turkish culture’s, and other popular designs.

turkey 2 Turkish hand made inzik ceramic tile, the patterns really stood out to me, this lead to mark making in my sketchbook.

turkey 3Another tile. Inzik design. Using the same colour palette, is a running theme.   Something I will definitely take with me in my work.

turkey 4This caught my eye, due to not having seen anything else like this in the Turkish ceramics.   Again mark making, to transition to free stitching.

turkey 1Another Turkish ceramic that I hadn’t seen a similar pattern too. Almost a small paisley print due to the colour scheme and small marks.

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