Lecture: Brian Eno

BBC Music John Peel, BBC iPlayer



Brian Eno:

Is a contemporary practitioner, who was a popstar in the 70’s with a band called Roxy Music.   Although his work is contemporary he is still very mainstream. Eno is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist.   A visual artist who is interested in all medias.

Something that he mentioned in the lecture that stood out to me…

“Art is anything we don’t have to do”

Such a simple definition of what the art form is, and how it can be described.

The democracy 

“You have to wear clothes, but you don’t have to wear Dr.Marten boots or Dior couture gowns”

Again the most simple of definitions, but from now on this is the way I will answer the question What is fashion?

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